First Meeting

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After using doodle, Krisztian set up the first meeting on 9/26, a Friday. We met in the Jepson building of Gonzaga University. There were 4 brave attendees. And Krisztian couldn’t make it to this one because he’d double booked himself… doodle isn’t the solution to all scheduling problems, after all.

  • In attendance: Nate Burch, Ta-Tao Chuang, James Hallett, and Vivek Patil
  • What happened: People introduced themselves - what they did, how they used R, and their length of experience with R. They also talked about whether they taught any classes using R and we spent a little time talking about some of the challenges. Most of the teaching in class was geared towards undergraduate students. We also spent some time talking about what the objective of the group would be and we decided to give this topic some time to crystallize. We also talked about switching locations between Eastern Washington University and Gonzaga. However, the next meeting would continue to be at Gonzaga.
  • Next meeting: October 31, Friday, Halloween, at 4:00 pm, Gonzaga. Room, TBD
  • Key speaker: Krisztian Magori on challenges with his statistics class.
    Fun times.

Ta-Tao Chuang and James Hallett Nate Burch Ta-Tao Chuang, Nate Burch, and Vivek Patil