R Markdown

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  • Meeting on 5 December, 2014 at 4:00, Jepson 120, Gonzaga.
  • In attendance: Nate Burch, Ta-Tao Chuang, James Hallett, Stephen Hayes, Krisztian Magori, Rollie Parrish, Vivek Patil and 5 graduate students from Eastern Washington University.

  • What happened: Rollie Parrish introduced the ideas underlying reproducible research using R markdown. He informed the group about the usefulness of R-Studio as a well-featured IDE that eased the process of creating dynamic reports. A sample R markdown document was provided by Vivek Patil to the group.

Rollie Parrish’s presentation can be found here. It is being displayed from GitHub.

The code for the presentation and all other Rmarkdown files shown during the talk by Rollie can be found here on GitHub.

  • Next meeting: Jan 30, 2015, Friday, at 4:00 pm, Gonzaga. Room, Jepson 120, unless a revision to this room number is made.

  • Key speaker: Vivek Patil on creating shiny apps.

Not pictured: Stephen Hayes and Vivek Patil