Teaching R in Introductory statistics

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  • Meeting on October 31, 2014 at 4:00, Jepson 120, Gonzaga.
  • In attendance: Nate Burch, Ta-Tao Chuang, James Hallett, Stephen Hayes, Krisztian Magori, Rollie Parrish and Vivek Patil
  • What happened: There were three new additions to the four from the earlier meeting. People introduced themselves - what they did, how they used R, and their length of experience with R. Krisztian led the discussion with the challenges he faced in teaching R to students with no background in computing or statistics (few of them were English majors). The practice that seemed to work was to give R scripts and to introduce tweaks to them. Few people also thought that separating the R part from concepts in statistics part in an introductory statistics course wasn’t a good idea. If two courses were considered, it might be better to introduce R after the statistics class, rather than before it.

  • Next meeting: Dec 12, Friday, at 4:00 pm, Gonzaga. Room, TBD - ADVANCED TO DEC 5, AT 4:00, JEPSON 120, GONZAGA

  • Key speaker: Rollie Parrish on R markdown.
    What fun…

Nate Burch, Stephen Hayes, Rollie Parrish and Ta-Tao Chuang

Too close to camera Vivek, James Hallett and Krisztian Magori