RStudio and Azure ML, Natural Language Processing with IBM Watson

by INRUG — on

  • This is the documentation of two meetings, one that was held on July 16, and the second that was held on September 24; both were Saturdays and were held at 9:30 am in Jepson 120, Gonzaga University.

  • In the meeting on July 16, Dan Burgess lead a viewing of a webinar on RStudio and Azure Machine Learning. This webinar can be viewed at

  • In the meeting on September 24, Joe Dumoulin discussed sentiments and tones can be detected in chats using IBM Watson. His presentation can be downloaded here.

  • Our next meeting has been scheduled for December 3, Saturday, at 9:30 am in Jepson 120. During this meeting, one or more students learning R in the undergraduate programs at Gonzaga will present their course projects.