Git for data science and the use of R in invasive species monitoring

by INRUG — on

  • Meeting on May 7, Saturday, 9:30, Jepson 120, Gonzaga.
  • In attendance: Stephen Hayes, Clark Kogan, David Boose, Dan Burgess, Ta-Tao Chuang, Glenn Doherty, Joe Dumoulin, Vinai Norasakkunkit, Rollie Parrish, and Vivek Patil.

  • What happened: We had two very insightful presentations from Stephen Hayes and Clark Kogan.
    • Stephen Hayes presented his work on the monitoring of the Northern Pike invasion and the use of R for selecting net locations for sampling, the sampling within a location, and for determining estimates of Northern Pike. Stephen’s presentation can be downloaded here.
    • Clark Kogan discussed the use of Git for version control and how it has affected his work-flow. The different benefits he has received because of his reliance on Git were also presented. Clark’s presentation can be downloaded here.
  • Special thanks to Microsoft for their support of INRUG.

  • Next meeting has been scheduled for July 16, Saturday, at 9:30 am in Jepson 120. During this meeting, Joe Dumoulin, will describe his work on natural language processing to detect customer emotions using transcripts of customer-service exchanges and IBM Watson. Dan Burgess will lead a viewing of a webinar on the use of Azure for machine learning.